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Joyce introduces legislation for faster broadband

[Published by WTAJ-TV, May 17th, 2023

(WTAJ)–U.S. Representative John Joyce introduced legislation proposing faster broadband access in rural communities.

The Broadband Competition and Deployment Act exempts broadband projects from reviews of certain acts, bypassing bureaucratic delays and forwarding broadband deployment. This legislation comes as the Energy and Commerce Committee pushes to reform the broadband permitting process that’s left many Americans without internet.

“We need to excel in the deployment of broadband internet particularly in rural areas,” Joyce said. “We need to make sure that Pennsylvanians have access to reliable high-speed internet to work, learn and even heal from home.”

These specific laws they’re speaking on include National Environmental Policy Act and National Historic Preservation Act. These acts ensure that projects don’t interfere with historic preserves or have any environmental effects.

Joyce said this law is important in ensuring all communities have access to this necessity.

“Farmers in Pennsylvania are relying more and more on precision agriculture, and requires broadband internet access,” Joyce said. “Our communities need this access, and this legislation would ultimately speed up that process.”

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