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SAP&DC ask residents to review FCC broadband coverage maps

For Immediate Release, December 16, 2022

Contact: Dustin Bishop, Disaster Recovery Coordinator, Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission, 814-949-6532,

ALLEGHENIES, Pa. -- Broadband internet is essential to the economic vitality of our region.

The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority (PBDA) is preparing to make investments in broadband infrastructure that will serve communities across the state. These projects will require a commitment of significant federal funds, which will be distributed via a formula that largely considers how many of the state’s residents are underserved or unserved.

For this purpose, the FCC, with the help of telecom companies, created a map with address points and details the broadband internet coverage of any given area. The map can be accessed here: Past versions of this map grossly overstated the actual coverage. With that in mind, the FCC created a process to challenge what the telecom companies claim is covered. The telecom companies will have a few weeks to respond to each challenge on an individual basis.

The FCC, the PBDA, and SAP&DC are asking you to review the map for accuracy, and if you identify inaccuracies, to challenge them. You can start by entering your address and verifying the location and service availability.

If either are inaccurate, you should use the “location challenge” or “availability challenge” features. If you have any difficulties with the FCC map or the challenge process, you are encouraged to reach out to Kalie Snyder with the PBDA.

Also, please feel free to reach out to our office for assistance by emailing Dustin Bishop at for further information.

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