Rural areas face unique challenges with reliable internet services. Extending cable lines over large areas and difficult terrain have led many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to not cover rural communities with low population densities. Given these geographic difficulties, many ISPs are unwilling to invest in remote areas. Even in areas that do have internet access, the lack of competition among providers leads to slow, unreliable, and expensive internet service.


The failure of traditional, large-scale ISPs to provide quality internet connections in rural areas is a serious concern for the Southern Alleghenies region, particularly in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic where families, businesses, health care providers, and schools require access to high-speed internet service. ABI is committed to partnering with ISPs in the region to provide high-speed internet to those areas that lack reliable, high-speed connections. By working closely with the incumbent providers, ABI will support the development of broadband infrastructure throughout the region to bridge the rural broadband gap.