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Broadband discussed by supervisors

[Excerpt from Bedford Gazette, August 19th, 2023] Badly needed cell phone and Internet coverage in Broad Top Township may be coming to the municipality and surrounding areas of northeastern Bedford County. The topic was one of several discussed at the August session of the township supervisors held in Defiance.

During the meeting, township secretary Stacy Woomer announced that the township received a notice from the state Department of Community and Economic Development stating that the Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority announced that a public comment period has been set up, seeking comments about the Commonwealth’s Broadband Equity, Access and Development plan.

State officials are soliciting public comment about the project and urged the public to complete an online survey. The information will be the first step in creating reliable Internet and cell phone coverage for the Broad Top Township area, noted Woomer.

For information about the program and surveys, residents are urged to contact the municipality via its Facebook page.

Woomer also informed the supervisors that Verizon recently notified the township that the company will propose a broadband deployment project inclusive of parts of the township. “The plan will expand their fiber optic network and facilitate Broadband access for unserved and underserved residents and businesses,” she reported.

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