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Bedford County approves broadband investments for 2022

BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Bedford County will continue to expand high-speed internet after approving broadband investments through 2022.

The investments will happen in three phases:

  • PHASE 1: Installation of fixed wireless equipment on existing telecommunication towers

  • PHASE 2: Construction of new towers to deliver fixed wireless service to unserved/underserved areas

  • PHASE 3: Expansion of fiber-optic technology to residents and businesses in Bedford County

“We’ve worked closely with ABI (Alleghenies Broadband Inc.) on the development of this plan, and we’re excited to partner with Crowsnest Broadband to help make our vision a reality,” County Commissioner Deb Baughman said.


The full budget provided by Bedford County can be found below:

Alleghenies Broadband, Inc.

Phase 1: Crowsnest Broadband will install equipment on 10 remaining Existing Towers to be completed in the spring of 2022 – $419,880 Total project: $994,186 of which $524,306 was paid in 2021. Phase 2: Manager for ARC Power Grant Project – $200,000 Phase 3: Fiber Design Study: implementation design for fiber projects -$50,000

Phase 2 ARC Power Grant County Match $745,588

The federal grant award of $745,588 will combine with a required 50% county match to construct four new towers in the southeastern part of the county where there is little broadband coverage. Leveraging funds by providing a match to qualify for grant awards multiplies the projects the county can accomplish. Total project: $1,491,176

Phase 2 NTIA Grant County Match (if awarded) $558,122

A grant application for a $5m project to construct 10 new towers has been submitted and is awaiting a decision by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. If approved, the county is required to make a 10% match. – $558,122 Structural Upgrades to Kinton Knob County Tower – $ 60,000 10% of budget for supply chain issues, inflation, etc. $203,359 TOTAL: $2,338,62

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