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Broadband expands in Huntingdon County to 16 new sites

[Originally Published at WTAJ-TV on Feb. 2, 2021]

HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Huntingdon County residents got to celebrate today after a ceremonial ribbon cutting to highlight new broadband coverage throughout the area.

The event was held outside of the county courthouse on Friday, Jan. 29. It celebrated the use of nearly one-million dollars from the federal CARES Act. The funds went towards 16 new sites for those with limited or no access to broadband internet.

Huntingdon commissioners say that this has been something they’ve been working on for two years, and the CARES Act funding helped give the project the push it needed.

“The CARES Act money enabled us to get aggressive. This has been a long time coming, but it’s by no means complete,” Huntingdon County Commissioner Jeff Thomas said.

We’ve got a lot of happy people. Some people came to tear the day we hooked them up. Their kids are able to do their homework from home.” - HENRY MCCREARY, GENERAL MANAGER, RURAL BROADBAND COOPERATIVE

County commissioners also started a new non-profit group called “Alleghenies Broadband Incorporated.” A group they hope can fund and kickstart other projects similar to this one.

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