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Partnership to Expand Reliable, High-Speed Internet Service

BEDFORD, Pa. - The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for reliable, high-speed broadband throughout the nation, and Bedford County was no exception.

White Sulphur Springs, a conference and retreat center located on Milligans Cove Road in Manns Choice, quickly recognized that their existing internet service was too slow and not reliable enough to meet their needs. Unfortunately, a lack of internet providers in the area made it difficult to ensure adequate broadband service to the facility.

As the owner sought out potential solutions to the problem, they were informed that they would have to spend nearly $200,000 to obtain high-speed internet on the premises.

However, thanks to the efforts of the Bedford County Commissioners and Crowsnest Broadband, White Sulphur Springs was able to obtain high-speed internet access at a fraction of the cost.

To address White Sulphur Springs’ broadband issues, the Bedford County Commissioners contacted Crowsnest Broadband, a local fixed wireless provider operating in Bedford ad Blair counties. The Commissioners coordinated with Crowsnest to install wireless broadband equipment on a 911 tower owned by the County located on Kinton’s Knob. In addition, Crowsnest worked with White Sulphur Springs to construct a small, 60-foot tower on the property. The new equipment placed on the Kinton’s Knob tower now transmits a signal to the newly built tower at White Sulphur Springs, providing reliable, high-quality internet service to the conference center.

After completion of the project, a speed test was conducted on the premises which found that the White Sulphur Springs location now has access to high-speed internet, with download and upload speeds of more than 100 megabits per second (Mbps).

The success of the effort was due in large part to the strong collaboration between the Bedford County Commissioners and Crowsnest Broadband.

The commissioners emphasized, “We are laser-focused on finding solutions to the broadband needs of the county and are willing to find and commit all necessary resources to make that happen. Crowsnest Broadband has worked hand-in- hand with us to deliver affordable high-quality services. This White Sulphur Springs project is an example of the responsiveness our citizens can expect moving forward.”

Brandon Carson, Executive Director of Alleghenies Broadband, Inc., reinforced the importance of partnerships among local public officials and internet providers.

“We are very pleased to see such productive partnerships being formed to address the lack of internet connectivity in our region, especially in our most rural areas,” said Carson.

Carson noted that ABI will continue to foster collaboration between county governments and local Internet Service Providers to expand high-speed internet access in rural communities that are in desperate need of improved connectivity. New 60-foot tower constructed at White Sulphur Springs.

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